Saturday, January 07, 2012

Have you ever known a man who lost his interest in a fetish or do they just intensify with age?

I can't speak for anyone else I can only describe my experiences. I used to have a hardcore obsession with BDSM that started when I was just a kid. The way the internet goes however & how hardcore it has made BDSM and considering I fell heavily into bondage and BDSM "modeling" ... (if that is what you call it??) I finally got over my obsession with it. Which actually is heaven sent because I was into the submissive role which can be extremely harmful. I am still into bondage but BDSM is a whole other story. It's quite interesting because when I was 15 I was literally obsessed with heavy BDSM.

But on the other hand ... my other fetishes are stronger than ever even though I was heavily into these sexual obsessions when I was just like 13 or 14 years old. Luckily making my kinks into a career has not hurt of harmed my interests in Dressing for Pleasure, my foot eroticism and bondage. There are other kinky stuff I have always been into that are slightly more outrageous than those listed above but I have learned through growing up literally on the internet that some things are best not said.

So I would say that overall my fetishes have intensified excluding the one that I now see was harmful.

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Ask me anything