Saturday, January 07, 2012

Have you ever known a man who lost his interest in a fetish or do they just intensify with age?

I can't speak for anyone else I can only describe my experiences. I used to have a hardcore obsession with BDSM that started when I was just a kid. The way the internet goes however & how hardcore it has made BDSM and considering I fell heavily into bondage and BDSM "modeling" ... (if that is what you call it??) I finally got over my obsession with it. Which actually is heaven sent because I was into the submissive role which can be extremely harmful. I am still into bondage but BDSM is a whole other story. It's quite interesting because when I was 15 I was literally obsessed with heavy BDSM.

But on the other hand ... my other fetishes are stronger than ever even though I was heavily into these sexual obsessions when I was just like 13 or 14 years old. Luckily making my kinks into a career has not hurt of harmed my interests in Dressing for Pleasure, my foot eroticism and bondage. There are other kinky stuff I have always been into that are slightly more outrageous than those listed above but I have learned through growing up literally on the internet that some things are best not said.

So I would say that overall my fetishes have intensified excluding the one that I now see was harmful.

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Xaris said...

This is interesting that I should find myself reading this based on some life decisions I have made over the past week in regards to my behavior online VS being a good father. Like you, my fetishes and fantasies developed at a very early age. My fetish for nylons started when I was 9. My desire to be tied up and tortured right after when a school year friend tied me up and pretended to be a witch who was going to eat me. It was innocent and I wasn't really tied up, as I could get away, but pretended and I think it was then I experience my first erection. (I'll understand if you need to pull this) I knew then that evil women have always been attractive to me. Not so much domination and BDSM, but roleplaying in roles of captive and tormentor (the best I can explain the genre). That is not to say I haven't explored BDSM, D/s, Cuckold play and etc... But I have found that once some of those fantasies were experienced, the probably should have remained fantasy. But Nylons, Feet, High heels, giving the most amazing foot and leg massages known on the planet (don't believe me?) has only gotten stronger and stronger as I've gotten older. The other stuff seems to make it's way to my stories where I can keep them sexy and more sensual that harmful. I also, have learned that they can be harmful should my young ones get exposed. Anyhow, I agree with you conclusion. Some curiosities have been experienced and discarded, while my true fetishes which I believe are part of my own personality and way of being are just as stronger as ever.

I have been a fan of yours for a very long time, probably since the mid to late 90's when I saw my first picture of you in latex and stockings and heels. How I so wanted to be your next victim. You actually inspired the look for many of the black widows and vampires who killed or tortured my character in many of my erotic stories of fiction and fantasy.

I love your stuff, your style, and your beauty.